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Web editor, Assistant editor

Working for a small newspaper with 8,100 subscribers worldwide, I write, edit and curate a blog. I also run its social media sites and have measurably grown MWR's audiences there. I designed and send an email news update each week. My biggest project was to redesign and build its website, using input from other staff. Traffic grows there each month.


Affordable housing nonprofit

The Fuller Center was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller, who also founded Habitat for Humanity. It functions similarly, taking more of the grassroots approach Habitat was known for in its early years.

As their multimedia specialist I was able to produce and create original content for all mediums. I also took on the social media--mostly for fun at first--and in the office I was known as the Twitter queen.


The Elkhart Truth

At this daily newspaper, circ. 30,000, I met weekly deadlines for story assignments. I wrote four or five stories weekly, around 300-1000 words each. Along with that, I researched and organized information to develop stories, covering a broad range of topics--often local events and feature stories.


Site Creator: Parents of Children with ADHD

I am building a site for a support group in Greensboro, N.C. The group is connected with an ADHD Clinic and its director is a leading expert in the field. The site is meant to serve as a resource for parents everywhere who have children with ADHD.