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Kony 2012: Viral Success

Every marketer today knows what it is to aspire to viral infamy. Invisible Children reached the holy grail of using social media to affect social change.

By examing their process through the lens of a model called The Dragonfly Effect, I dissect what contributed to Kony 2012 becoming the most viral video in history.


Cultivating relationships and funds online

This started as a research paper about online fundraising theory. I've transferred the research online and hope to continue to develop it.


Usability Test: Instagram

Three classmates and I conducted a usability test on the iPhone (now also Android) app Instagram. It's one of the most popular, fastest-growing applications available.

silverfcba Usability Test

I wrote and conducted a usability test for the Fuller Center as part of my nonprofit independent study.

Using screen-capturing software Silverback, I could analyze the ease or difficulty participants had with tasks I chose based on FCH's needs. I wrote this report with recommendations for the Bike Adventure.