Kathleen Kelly defined fundraising as the cultivation of relationships. Online fundraising is currently the fastest-growing area of fundraising in the United States. As nonprofit organizations move more fundraising efforts online, more opportunities for building relationships arise. By paying particular attention to the aspects of relationship building specific to the Internet, nonprofits have the opportunity to find new success. This will be demonstrated by closely examining such possibilities through the following facets of the Internet: the access it provides to a potential audience of millions, the capabilities found there for interactivity, new and different possibilities online for effective digital storytelling, its allowing supporters to carry momentum through collaboration on social networking sites (SNS) and elsewhere, and a newly transparent way of conducting public relations (PR). This examination can serve as a guide to nonprofits seeking success in online fundraising.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The paper examines Kelly's theory along with examples from nonprofits paving the way for online fundraising. Be sure to find the case studies located in the "Info" section.